My shimmy sister (who shall remain nameless) and I have made a “dance-solution” to each other every year since we’ve met.  Last year our “dance-solution” was to “go big or go home”.  Well, we went big.  Real big.  So big that it was like an atomic bomb when our dreams came crashing down and we both went into seclusion.  Thank goodness our atomic bombs were not simultaneous and when the other was down, we were able to pick each other up.  We both had a pretty strange dance year.  Our dance-solutions ended with a bang on both ends.  We can honestly say that we accomplished our goals no matter how we felt after it was over.  We went big AND went home.  I always encourage dancers to go out while they are on top.  You should leave your mark at the highlight of your career.  I can say that. I will always choreograph for the kids and continue to make their dance experience unique, but I took my final performance curtain call on Dec 15, 2014 and I have no intention on performing again.  My shimmy sister went the other direction and performed more.  She’s discovering dance outside of our little town and I couldn’t be more proud.  For someone who is so quiet and reserved, on stage you would never know that.

So what did we promise to encourage each other this year?  Our 2015 Dance-solution is understanding that “we are enough”.  How to be content with the person inside and truly believe that the grass isn’t always greener.  We both have very special qualities, especially as choreographers, and we have something to say. We have a voice deep inside no matter what others might think.

So, my shimmy sister, I promise you that this year I will look deep inside and see that I am enough.  I love you, Doll!  Let’s make our 2015 “dance-solution” the best one ever!


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